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Every business needs Black Ink.
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Coventry Carpet

To be competitive in today's world a web-site is a must. A friend of ours recommended Black Ink and we are more than pleased with the results. Not only did John and his team do a great job, they listened to all our needs and displayed it perfectly. We would highly recommended Black Ink for all your needs, their expertise and knowledge have helped our business find a new market.

Black Ink | Technology Marketing Design

Black Ink Unlimited has a single purpose. We help businesses become more profitable.

Complimentary Black Ink Think Tank Consultation

The Thinker | Think Tank Consultation

There are an unlimited number of ways that we can splash some fresh black ink straight to your bottom line.

Here are a few ways we can help:

Techno-Kats:  Computer Purchasing and Setup, Virus Protection and Eradication, Network Installations and Troubleshooting, E-Commerce, Data Backup, Custom Business Solutions, Technical Consulting

Marketing Stars: Copywriting, Email Marketing, Web Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Direct Mail, Promotional Items, Advertising, Strategic Marketing Plans, Marketing Research, Marketing Consultation

Black Ink Design Studios:
Website Development, Design for Print & Web, Logos & Graphics, Banners & Displays, Presentations

Black Ink Think Tank Consulting: Strategic Planning, Business Development, Product Development, Sales Consultation, Marketing Consultation, Technology Consultation

Pay Track™ Payment Solutions:  Payment Processing, Individual Billing,  Tracking & Reporting

When you're ready to learn more, we'd love to help.

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Please visit The Ink Spot, our blog.  We write about business, technology, marketing and design.  If you have a passion for writing, please ask us about becoming a guest blogger.

The Ink Spot | Black Ink Blog

Every business needs Black Ink.

That's the bottom line!



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